We all know that globalization presents numerous challenges and opportunities. Firms and workers in widely separated locations affect one another more than they have in the past. Some of these effects are quite straightforward, such as when a firm from one country establishes a new factory or engineering center in another country. Others are more complex, such as when a firm in one country contracts with a firm in another country to coordinate production in plants owned by yet another firm in a third country, and so on.

In the midst of this environment, policymakers strive for inclusive development and improved competitiveness. To accomplish these goals, many seek new language and tools to understand globalization and economic development. These are among the reasons why 35 clients - international organizations, national governments and foundations - have contracted the Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (Duke CGGC) to conduct research resulting in over 100 reports. This research has provided practical, real-world advice that has informed decision-making on topics such as workforce development, the environment, food security, small- and medium-enterprises’ inclusion in the global economy, competitiveness, upgrading and public-private partnerships.


Duke CGGC’s research team is experienced at using the Global Value Chain (GVC) framework and other analytical tools to provide an industry-centric view of economic globalization that highlights linkages across countries and firms. The GVC framework, created by Duke CGGC director Gary Gereffi, offers analysis at the multi-country, regional and sub-national levels and can be applied across any industry.

Duke CGGC’s research is customized for each client. Our deliverables vary based on the client’s needs and may include reports, research and policy briefs, journal articles, presentations, databases, or websites.

As an academic research center, we bring credibility, objectivity and rigor that is difficult to find elsewhere. The Center leverages tools across Duke University as well as its strong academic network (both inside and outside of Duke) to engage in research. This includes full-time professional researchers, adjunct faculty, outside consultants and a group of talented graduate and undergraduate students.


“The strength of the Center is the multi-country global experience. Duke CGGC is very effective at telling the story of what a value chain does in a sector and describing it thoroughly.”
– Carlo Pietrobelli, Lead Specialist in the Competitiveness and Innovation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank
“Duke CGGC is a team of smart researchers who know how to model supply chains really well. By tapping their contacts in select industries and conducting original, in-depth research interviews, they were able to provide us with us with keen insights that informed our program work and strategic planning.”
– Greg Andeck, former Manager, Environmental Defense Fund
“Being a research center linked with a university lends credibility to Duke CGGC that goes beyond what one would get from hiring a pure consulting firm. This definitely makes a difference to organizations such as the World Bank and governments.”
– Tom Farole, World Bank