Since 2007, Duke CGGC has provided over 30 clients with new language and tools to understand globalization and economic development through its contract research. The real-world advice in this sponsored research informs decision-making on topics such as workforce development, the environment, food security, small- and medium-enterprises’ inclusion in the global economy, competitiveness, upgrading and public-private partnerships.
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The global economy is structured around global value chains (GVCs) that link producers and consumers around the world. For many countries, the ability to effectively insert into a GVC is a vital condition for development. This process could also serve as a stepping-stone for organizations in emerging nations to integrate into the world economy. Duke CGGC provides training on how to best integrate and leverage GVCs
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Duke CGGC addresses clients high-priority inclusive economic, social and environmental development challenges through 1) sponsored research add-on advising support; and 2) capacity building and research program development.
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