Brazil, a member of the "BRIC" group of large emerging economies, has captured Duke CGGC's interest as it continues to integrate with the world economy through networks of trade and investment. Duke CGGC is conducting research on GVCs in Brazil in order to understand the country's position in the global economy and consider the policy implications of its development efforts. The results of an in-depth study of Brazil's aerospace, medical devices and electronics industries, conducted in partnership with MIT's Industrial Performance Center, will be published as a book in Portuguese in early 2014. The English version of the report, Brazilian Manufacturing in International Perspective, is freely available for download on this page.

Brazilian Manufacturing in International Perspective: A Global Value Chain Analysis of Brazil's Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Electronics Industries

imageDuke CGGC and MIT's Industrial Performance Center conducted a year-long study of the Brazil's position in the aerospace, medical devices and electronics global value chains. This report, sponsored by the Confederação Nacional da Indústria in Brazil, presents key findings from the research and provides recommendations to improve Brazilian industrial policy.
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