GVCs & Inclusive Development

The center is conducting research to understand why certain economic actors are not able to participate in global value chains. Research questions addressed include: How can developing countries gainfully engage in GVCs? What are the main constraints that small- and medium-sized firms in emerging nations face to participate in GVCs? What types of policies are successful in linking new economic actors to the global economy and what opportunities do these economic actors have to participate in value chains?
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Inclusion of Small- and Medium-Sized Producers in High-Value Agro-Food Value Chains

imageThis paper uses the global value chain methodology to analyze Inter-American Development Bank Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB-MIF) initiatives in Latin America that aim to include high-value agriculture small producers in the national, regional and global chains. Based on extensive primary and secondary research, we propose a holistic model for these interventions.
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Assessment of Five High-Value Agriculture Inclusive Business Projects Sponsored by the Inter- American Development Bank in Latin America

imageThis paper is a summary of five IDB-MIF projects that aimed to include small- and medium-sized producers in high-value agriculture value chains. The objective of this paper is to provide a set of lessons learned to design and implement efficient, effective and sustainable projects in the future.
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Basic Principles and Guidelines for Impactful and Sustainable Inclusive Business Interventions in High-Value Agro-Food Value Chains

imageThe objective of this report is to inform IDB-MIF officers and management how global value chain interventions can be more effectively designed, monitored and evaluated to ensure sustainable inclusion of small- and medium-sized producers in high-value agricultural chains.
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Case: Supporting the Competitiveness of Central American Coffee

imageAfter the coffee crisis at the turn of the century, a selected group of small and medium coffee producers in five Central American countries received technical assistance to produce higher value specialty coffee and help to establish market linkages with global buyers.

Caso: Apoyando la Competitividad del Café Centroamericano

Después de la crisis del café ocurrida a principios de siglo, un grupo selecto de pequeños y medianos productores de café de 5 países de Centroamérica recibió asistencia técnica para producir café de especialidad y contactos con compradores globales.
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Case: Development of Micro and Small Rural Apicultural Producers in Nicaragua & Honduras

imageMicro- and small honey producers were helped to enter into the domestic (Honduras) and global (Nicaragua) value chains.

Caso: Desarrollo de Micro y Pequeños Productores Apícolas en Nicaragua y Honduras

Micro y pequeños productores de miel fueron apoyados para insertarse en la cadena local de la miel (Honduras) y en la cadena global de la miel (Nicaragua).
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Case: Conversion to Organic Cacao Cultivation in Peru

imageSmall producers, members of a large, established coffee and cocoa cooperative in Tingo María, Perú, converted to certified organic production of cocoa.

Caso: Conversión hacia un Cultivo Orgánico de Cacao en Perú

Pequeños productores de cacao y café, miembros de la Cooperativa Industrial Naranjillo (COOPAIN), una cooperativa grande y consolidada en Tingo María, Perú, se han convertido en productores de café orgánico certificado.
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Case: Strengthening the Competitiveness of Organic Producers in Andean Microwatersheds

imageSmall fruit and vegetables producers in Huánuco, Peru were supported to form a consortium to sell their organic produce in supermarkets in Lima.

Caso: Fortaleciendo la Competitividad de Productores Orgánicos en Microcuencas Andinas

Pequeños productores de frutas y verduras en Huánuco, Perú fueron apoyados para formar un consorcio con el fin de vender su producción orgánica en los supermercados de Lima.
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Case: Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Stevia Value Chain in Paraguay

imageSmall stevia producers in Paraguay were helped to improve the production and quality of stevia to raise incomes and expand the supply of stevia.

Caso: Fortaleciendo la Competitividad en la Cadena de Valor de Stevia en Paraguay

Pequeños productores de stevia recibieron ayuda para mejorar la producción y calidad de la stevia en Paraguay con el fin de expandir la oferta del producto en mercados internacionales y aumentar sus ingresos.
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Case: The Competitiveness of Small Organic Cocoa Producers of the National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers

imageSmall organic cocoa producers in the Dominican Republic improve their competitiveness by increasing cultivation productivity.

Caso: Competitividad de Pequeños Productores de Cacao Orgánico de la Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos (Conacado)

Pequeños productores de cacao orgánico en República Dominicana mejoraron su competitividad mediante el incremento de la productividad de las plantaciones.
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