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Dairy Value Chains in East Africa

October 2016   |   Durham, NC   |   Ajmal Abdulsamad, Gary Gereffi
Although regional dairy trade in East Africa is far lower than the global average and only stands at below 1% of regional milk production, its recent rapid growth is promising. The way forward for dairy value chains in Rwanda and Uganda is contingent upon addressing the gap in ‘intangible’ capabilities.
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Primates and Beyond: Tourism Value Chains in East Africa

October 2016   |   Durham, NC   |   Jack Daly, Andrew Guinn
Tourism is an important economic driver in Africa. East African Community countries such as Kenya and Tanzania have long been popular safari destinations, with Rwanda and Uganda serving as stops as part of the “Gorilla Express”. As both countries look to diversify their appeal, value chain analysis can provide insight into how domestic businesses can connect with global actors to facilitate upgrading.
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Maize Value Chains in East Africa

October 2016   |   Durham, NC   |   Jack Daly, Danny Hamrick, Gary Gereffi, Andrew Guinn
While the global industry is increasingly focused on ethanol production, maize in East Africa is an important food crop. With Kenya serving as significant processor, Ugandan—and Rwandan, to a lesser—producers can play a valuable role in the regional value chain.
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Regional Value Chains in East Africa: Summary Report

October 2016   |   Durham, NC   |   Jack Daly, Ajmal Abdulsamad, Gary Gereffi
Despite recent regional improvements in poverty reduction and economic growth rates in East Africa, firm productivity in the region remains low. This contrast creates uncertainty about whether the recent successes will persist without improvements in regional networks of production and trade. In partnership with the IGC, Duke CGGC uses the GVC framework to investigate the opportunities for and constraints to regional integration in three key sectors: dairy processing, maize production, and tourism.
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