North America

Quantifying the Value of Place-based Exchange within a Global Production Network

2015   |    William Lester, Lukas Brun

The household furniture industry in central North Carolina provided a critical manufacturing base for the American South in the early twentieth century and ultimately encompassed a network of firms throughout the Southeastern United States. At its zenith in the 1980's, the household furniture industry employed over 90,000 workers in North Carolina.

Regions 297 No. 297, Issue 1, p.16-18  View PDF

North Carolina's Manufacturing Wage Gap

2014   |    Gary Gereffi, Aaron Sydor

CGGC Research Brief   View PDF

What Role Can Coal Play in the United States’ Energy Future?

2014   |    Ghada Ahmed, Ajmal Abdulsamad, Gary Gereffi, Jack Daly

The Electricity Journal 27(3), p. 87-95  View Publisher's Website

Upgrading and Restructuring in the Global Apparel Value Chain: Why China and Asia are Outperforming Mexico and Central America

2011   |    Stacey Frederick, Gary Gereffi

This article uses the global value chain approach to analyze the upgrading trajectories of leading apparel exporters adapting to the end of textile and apparel quotas and the economic recession.

International Journal Technological Learning, Innovation and Development Vol. 4, No. 1/2/3, p. 67-95  View Publisher's Website  View Special Issue

Economic Development Planning in Bedroom Communities: A Case Study of Chatham County, North Carolina

2011   |    Jason Jolley, Lukas Brun, Brent Lane

This article shares lessons learned in the economic development planning experience in Chatham County, North Carolina, a traditionally rural county on the urban fringe of the growing Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Journal of Rural and Community Development Vol. 6, No. 1, p. 113-128  View Abstract

The Prospects for Mexico in the North American Automotive Industry: A Global Value Chain Perspective

2010   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Gary Gereffi, Kimberly Rogers, Karina Fernandez-Stark

Actes du GERPISA No. 42 (March), p. 11-22

How Many Highly Skilled Foreign-Born Are Waiting in Line for U.S. Legal Permanent Residence?

2010   |    Guillermina Jasso, Vivek Wadhwa, Gary Gereffi, Ben Rissing, Richard Freemen

International Migration Review 44(2), p. 477-498

Development and Application of a Value Chain Research Approach to Understand and Evaluate Internal and External Factors and Relationships Affecting the Economic Competitiveness in the Textile Value Chain

2010   |    Stacey Frederick

PhD Dissertation, NC State University   View PDF

The North American Automotive Value Chain: Canada\'s Role and Prospects

2009   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Gary Gereffi

This paper deals with the North American automotive value chain and analyzes the prospects for Canadian automotive sector upgrading. Canada continues to have marginally lower operating costs than the USA and a strong industrial culture that attracts inves

International Journal of Technological Learning, Trade and Development Vol. 2, No. 1/2, p.25–52  View PDF

The American Brain Drain and Asia

2009   |    Vivek Wadhwa, Gary Gereffi, Alex Salkever

This paper examines what motivates individuals from different parts of the world to come to the United States.

Asia-Pacific Journal Vol. 14-1-09, April 4  View Article

The Impacts of Wal-Mart: The Rise and Consequences of the World\\\'s Dominant Retailer

2009   |    Gary Gereffi and Michelle Christian

Annual Review of Sociology 35: 573-591.  Read More

Value Chains, Networks and Clusters: Reframing the Global Automotive Industry

2008   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Gary Gereffi

In this article the global value chain (GVC) approach is used to analyze recent trends in the global automotive industry, with special attention paid to the case of North America. Three elements of the GVC framework are used – firm level chain governance,

Journal of Economic Geography 8, pp. 297-321  View Article

Wal-Mart in China: Can the World\'s Largest Retailer Succeed in the World\'s Most Populous Market?

2007   |    Gary Gereffi, Ryan Ong

An article in the Harvard Asia Pacific Review on Wal-Mart\'s place in the China market.

Harvard Asia Pacific Review Winter Issue, p.46-49.   View Article PDF

North Carolina in the Global Economy: A Value Chain Perspective on the State's Leading Industries

2007   |    Gary Gereffi, Mike Hensen, Ryan Denniston

This article highlights the features of the North Carolina in the Global Economy (NCGE) website.

Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management Volume 5, Issue 4  View Article

Prospects for Canada in the NAFTA Automotive Industry: A Global Value Chain Analysis

2007   |    Timothy Sturgeon, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Gary Gereffi

This paper examines trends in the North American automotive industry, and asks if Canada\'s historical comparative advantage in the industry is sustainable. The report was prepared for Industry Canada.

Report prepared for Industry Canada   View PDF