GVC and Workforce Development

Skills for Upgrading: Workforce Development and Global Value Chains in Developing Countries

Nov 17, 2011   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark, Phil Psilos
FOMIN-InterAmerican Development Bank
Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark and Phil Psilos (RTI) present the "Skills for Upgrading" project overview, key findings and recommendations, highlighting how workforce development initiatives can contribute to global value chain upgrading.
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Skills for Upgrading: Workforce Development and Global Value Chain Upgrading

Nov 17, 2011   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Claudio Cortellese
FOMIN-InterAmerican Development Bank
Claudio Cortellese at the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter- American Development Bank presents an overview of the importance of efficiently and effectively targeting workforce development in Latin America to support economic growth.
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Exporting Products, Meeting Standards and Educating People

Nov 17, 2011   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Alejandro Banegas
FOMIN-InterAmerican Development Bank
Alejandro Banegas of IAGSA (Honduras) provides a private sector perspective of the challenges of GVC upgrading and workforce development in Honduras in the global fruit and vegetable industry.
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Educating a 21st Century Green and Sustainable Workforce

Nov 15, 2010   |   Atlanta, GA, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
The Americas Competitiveness Forum IV