North Carolina

North Carolina in the Global Economy

Oct 20, 2015   |   Raleigh, NC, USA    |   Lukas Brun
mfgCON NC State University
mfgCON brought together stakeholders to discuss manufacturing in NC. This presentation highlighted CGGC’s NC in the Global Economy website which applies the framework to NC industries, using the furniture industry as an example of available analysis.
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North Carolina in the Global Economy

Nov 12, 2014   |   Chapel Hill, NC, USA    |   Lukas Brun
World View Community College Symposium
Lukas Brun gave this presentation on the NC in the GLobal Economy website at the World View Community College Symposium, held at the UNC Friday Center.
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DC Briefing: North Carolina in the Global Economy

Sep 12, 2014   |   Washington, DC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
DC Briefing Capitol Hill
Staff from North Carolina Congressional offices, representatives from Governor Pat McCrory’s Washington office, and individuals representing NC-focused businesses gathered in a Capitol Hill meeting room on September 12, to learn more about the NC in the Global Economy (NCGE) project, a Duke CGGC website that provides information and insight into NC’s traditional and emerging industries. Gary Gereffi led the presentation.
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New NC in the Global Economy (NCGE) Features

Apr 21, 2014   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Stacey Frederick
Forum on North Carolina in the Global Economy
Stacey Frederick gave this presentation at Duke CGGC. It provides an overview of the new features on the 2014 version of the NC in the Global Economy website.
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The Economic Impact of the High Point Market

Oct 18, 2013   |   High Point, NC, USA    |   Lukas Brun, Bill Lester
High Point Market Press Breakfast Presentation
The Duke Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness was asked by the High Point Market Authority (HPMA) to conduct a comprehensive economic and fiscal impact of the High Point Market located in High Point, NC.
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Smart Grid and the North Carolina Business Community

May 01, 2012   |   Charlotte, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
NC Smart Grid Technical Forum

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Smart Grid and the Research Triangle Region

Oct 11, 2011   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Wake County Economic Development Board Meeting

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Smart Grid in the Research Triangle: the Who and the What

Sep 28, 2011   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Triangle J Council of Governments Board of Delegates Meeting

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Smart Grid: Core Firms in the Research Triangle

Apr 08, 2011   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Marcy Lowe
Research Triangle Clean Tech Cluster

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Beyond the Sunbelt: Southern Economic Development in a Global Context

Apr 14, 2008   |   Chapel Hill, NC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
Global American South Conference
Gary Gereffi participated on the panel on Trade with China and India, speaking on "How NC Can Compete with China and India in the Contemporary Global Knowledge Economy." The conference was held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
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Nanotechnology, Commercialization & Innovation: North Carolina

Feb 17, 2008   |   Boston, MA, USA    |   Gary Gereffi, Stacey Frederick
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting Hynes Convention Center
This AAAS meeting emphasized the power of science, technology and education to assist less-developed segments of world society, to improve partnerships among already-developed countries, and to spur knowledge-driven transformations across a host of fields. Gary Gereffi joined colleagues from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Venice International University in a symposium on Sunday, February 17, entitled, “Global Diffusion of Nanotechnology: Lessons from China, Italy and the United States.” View panel:{581B5131-12E5-487A-88B6-78ACCE1FF20A}&AKey={82DF1193-261B-4248-AC6B-CACD0186BD6B}&SessionKey={EB44F00D-D874-425B-BF78-579AAF4090CF}
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North Carolina in the Global Economy: A New Look at Global Competition, Local Jobs and the Role of Research Universities

Feb 06, 2008   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
Presentation to the Center for International Studies
Lecture by Gary Gereffi on global competition, local jobs and the role of research universities in North Carolina. The lecture was held at the John Hope Franklin Center, Duke University.
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China\'s Impact on North Carolina\'s Major Industries

Sep 06, 2007   |   Chapel Hill, NC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing
Gereffi gave a testimony on how trade with China has affected NC\'s economy as part of the “China’s Impact on the North Carolina Economy: Winners and Losers” hearing on Sept. 6, 2007. View website:
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Nanotechnology in a Global Context: North Carolina

Mar 29, 2007   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi, Stacey Frederick, Ryan Ong
Nanotechnology and the Emerging Global Knowledge Economy

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North Carolina in the Global Economy: A new look at global competition, local jobs, and the role of research universities

Oct 24, 2006   |   Durham, NC, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
Duke Campus Club Talk
Dr. Gary Gereffi presented a talk titled \"North Carolina in the Global Economy: How to compete with and learn from China, Mexico and Italy in the 21st century.\"
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Developing Research Synergies between Academia and Business: The North Carolina in the Global Economy Project at Duke University

Sep 08, 2006   |   East Lansing, MI, USA    |   Gary Gereffi
Michigan State University
Dr. Gereffi provided the keynote speech at this international symposium to explore models for technological upgrading and economic development.
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