Latin America

GVCs and FDI Attraction: Case Study and Policy Implications

Apr 24, 2017   |   Merida, Mexico    |   Gary Gereffi
South-Southeast Commission and FIDESUR
Professor Gary Gereffi’s presentation at the South-Southeast Commission and FIDESUR covers: GVCs, FDI attraction and upgrading; the medical devices value chain in Costa Rica; and GVCs and clusters in Mexico.
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Productive Development Policies and Upgrading: Linking Value Chains, Regions and Firms

Mar 01, 2016   |   Mexico City, Mexico    |   Gary Gereffi
Value Chains and the Future of Manufacturing in North America: The Role of Public Policy and the Private Sector in Achieving Regional Integration
Gereffi presented at this one-day event, organized by Techint Group, intended to raise strategic and policy awareness on international economic development issues, with a value chains lens.
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Medical Devices Global Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges for Upgrading

Mar 20, 2013   |   San Jose, Costa Rica    |   Gary Gereffi
Life Sciences Forum
Gereffi gave a presentation at the Life Sciences Forum in San Jose, Costa Rica (March 18-20, 2013) based on results of CGGC\'s 2013 report on Costa Rica in the Medical Devices Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading. More than 400 leading company representatives from the medical industry, providers and international experts gathered from the United States, Puerto Rico, Italy and Latin America at this event to discuss topics of interest for the life sciences sector. Other speakers included: Dr. David Albert, Founder and General Director of Alivecor; Matt Szuhaj, Director of Deloitte Consulting LLP; Sheila Hemeon-Heyer, President of Heyer Regulatory Solutions; Scott Nelson, founder of; Art Erdman, Director of Medical Devices Center at the University of Minnesota; and Charles Sidebottom, Director of Corporate Standards, Medtronic. View agenda:
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The Promotion of Trade and Investment in Iber-America: Is Regional Promotion Possible? (In Spanish)

Oct 21, 2009   |   Cancun, Mexico    |   Gary Gereffi, Mario Castillo, Karina Fernandez-Stark
RedIbero Meeting
CGGC was invited to present the main findings of an IDB Policy Brief at an annual RedIbero meeting, with the title, \"La Promoción del Comercio y la Inversión en Iberoamérica ¿Podemos avanzar hacia la promoción regional?\"
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Global Services Offshoring: Trends and Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

Nov 18, 2008   |   Santiago, Chile    |   Gary Gereffi, Karina Fernandez-Stark
Offshore Corporate Services in Latin America and the Caribbean
Gereffi and Fernandez-Stark gave a presentation at this event organized by ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America). Gereffi also gave the keynote address. View agenda:
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The Fiber-Textile-Apparel Value Chain: Mexico and China Compared

Mar 06, 2006   |   Naciones Unidas, Mexico    |   Gary Gereffi
First Forum on Opportunities in the Economic and Trade Relationship Between China and Mexico in a Latin American Context

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