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Environment: Gulf Coast Restoration

Geosynthetics Industry Poised to Grow as Gulf Coast Restoration Ramps Up

July 26, 2012   |   Elizabeth Skree   |   EDF
What are geosynthetics and why are they central to the creation of jobs and expansion of coastal restoration projects?
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RESTORE Act creates jobs along ailing Gulf Coast

June 11, 2012   |   Zoe Sullivan   |   The Louisiana Weekly
Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.), released a study last week on the job opportunities in wetlands restoration. The study, commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation and conducted by Mather Economics, found that the potential positive impact of RESTORE Act funding would be substantial. The RESTORE Act is an amendment attached the transportation bill currently being discussed in conference committees between the U.S. House and Senate. The Act would create a trust for Clean Air and Water Act fines levied against BP and others for the damage to the environment caused by the 2010 BP oil disaster.
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RESTORE fines focused on Oyster Reef restoration will jumpstart Gulf economy, create jobs

June 08, 2012   |   Peter Schorsch   |   SaintPetersBlog
After a comprehensive investigation into the hiring potential of 130 nationwide firms involved in the oyster reef restoration industry, the Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness today released a report, "RESTORING GULF OYSTER REEFS: Opportunities for Innovation," finding that oyster reef restoration projects could provide quadruple economic returns for the Gulf Coast states.
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Profiles in Resilience: DSC Dredge

April 30, 2012   |   Shawn Stokes   |   Environmental Defense Fund Blog

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20th century industries provide 21st century solutions to restore the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River Delta

March 07, 2012   |   Shawn Stokes   |   Environmental Defense Fund Blog
While the global financial crisis has taken a toll on almost every industry, it has affected some more than others. The recession hit the construction equipment manufacturing sector particularly hard, causing an industry loss of 30 to 50 percent between 2008 and 2009. It should not be surprising, then, to find that equipment manufacturers are looking for new opportunities to build revenue. What most people may not realize is that these firms are discovering such opportunities in restoration work, particularly in the Mississippi River Delta and other areas along the Gulf Coast.
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RESTORE Act Fines Could Provide Jobs: Economic Study

December 05, 2011   |   Restore the Mississippi River Delta
The Clean Water Act penalties from last year’s BP oil disaster could kick start the launch of a long-term investment in ecosystem restoration and create jobs that would benefit at least 140 businesses with nearly 400 employee locations in 37 states, including more than 260 in the Gulf Coast and nearly 60 in Florida, according to a new Duke University study.
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Spend Oil Spill Fines on Restoration

December 05, 2011   |   WCTV News
With Congressional hearings slated for Wednesday and litigation moving forward, a leading environmental group on Monday urged federal lawmakers to use expected fines from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill on restoration efforts that will translate into jobs and economic growth.
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Federal RESTORE Act would generate many jobs for Florida businesses

December 05, 2011   |   WTSP News
A lot of jobs are on the line as Congress prepares to vote on a bill that would set aside the cash BP will eventually pay in fines for last year's oil spill. That's according to a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund. The report also concludes those fines could help launch an entire new industry focusing on coastal restoration.
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Targeting oil spill fines to ecosystem restoration could be big job generator, report says

December 05, 2011   |

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