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North Carolina's Future Looks Bright With Solar Energy

February 19, 2015   |   Lukas Brun, Danny Hamrick, Jack Daly   |   Duke SSRI News
"North Carolina is in an enviable position when it comes to solar power development,” said the report’s lead author, Lukas Brun, senior research analyst at Duke’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC). “From being virtually non-existent in 2008, it is today the South’s leader in solar power. The result has been a growth in companies and employment in the industry, providing wide-spread benefits to the state."
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Is North Carolina's Research Triangle the Smart Grid's Silicon Valley?

March 14, 2012   |   Clean Technica
Silicon Valley has traditionally been the epicenter of American smart grid technology innovation, but a new report suggests North Carolina's Research Triangle may deserve the title and be key to the industry's economic future.
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The US Smart Grid: Jobs through Innovation

July 27, 2011   |   Penn Energy
This article by Penn Energy draws on the central findings of CGGC's U.S. Smart Grid report.
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Triangle is central for Smart Grid

May 24, 2011   |   Raleigh News and Observer
The Triangle has quietly emerged as a national hub for an industry that barely existed just five years ago: Smart Grid. The term describes the digital technology that's increasingly used to monitor and manage the movement of electricity from the power plant to the home and business.
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Nurture Green Jobs and They'll Sprout

February 02, 2011   |   Marcy Lowe   |   Raleigh News & Observer
The president's 2011 State of the Union speech called for investment in clean energy technology.. This takes a commitment to reinforcing our strengths and making a fine-grained assessment of where we need to improve.
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Several states to benefit economically if U.S. invests in public transit

June 24, 2010   |   Humanitarian News
CGGC analysis of U.S. rail manufacturing capabilities shows that U.S. rail supply chain includes 247 manufacturing facilities across 35 states.
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CGGC at Capitol Hill Briefing

January 14, 2010

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Green Jobs Webinar

November 19, 2009

Hybrid Trucks on Capitol Hill

June 11, 2009

Manufacturing Climate Solutions in a Carbon-Constrained World: Video

February 09, 2009   |   Gary Gereffi, Marcy Lowe   |   You Tube
Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference: Gary Gereffi and Marcy Lowe discuss CGGC's research on economic and job opportunities associated with green technologies at the February 2009 Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference organized by the Blue Green Alliance.
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Duke Study Says

November 19, 2008   |   Raleigh News & Observer
An article in the Raleigh News & Observer about the new report from the Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness, called Manufacturing Climate Solutions, which presents a new research approach linking U.S. jobs with selected low-carbon technologies that can help combat global warming.
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