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Obama’s Budget Seeks to Ease Economic Fears for U.S. Workers

February 09, 2016   |   Noah Scheiber   |   New York Times
This article in the NY Times references Duke CGGC's report for AAM on "Infrastructure Investment Creates American Jobs."
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The Tangible Case for Infrastructure Investment

October 21, 2014   |   Scott Paul   |   Huffington Post
This article cites research conducted by CGGC researchers on U.S. transportation infrastructure.
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How piecemeal approach to fixing transportation infrastructure may have cost America almost 1M jobs

October 16, 2014   |   Jason deBruyn   |   Triangle Business Journal
A federal piecemeal approach to rebuilding America’s lagging transportation infrastructure has cost this country more than 900,000 jobs, according to Duke University social science researchers.
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Infrastructure Investment Creates American Jobs

October 15, 2014   |   Lukas Brun, Jason Jolley, Andrew Hull, Stacey Frederick   |   Alliance for American Manufacturing Press Release
A piecemeal federal policy approach to investing in the nation’s decaying transportation infrastructure has cost America over 900,000 jobs – specifically, more than 97,000 manufacturing jobs – and is creating a significant drag on the economy.
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No Reason to Wait: Rebuild Now to Save American Competitiveness

October 15, 2014   |   Alliance for American Manufacturing Press Release
Washington, D.C.-- Washington’s piecemeal approach to investing in the nation’s decaying transportation infrastructure costs the United States over 900,000 jobs – more than 97,000 in manufacturing – and makes the United States less competitive than its top trading partners, according to a new report by the Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC).
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Advancing U.S. Competitiveness Means Retooling the Work Force

January 31, 2011   |   Marcy Lowe   |   Atlanta Journal Constitution
What are the implications of a national commitment to invest in our infrastructure and in clean energy to ensure that our country creates the world's best innovators?
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If high-speed rail blossoms, big profits ahead for state firms

June 28, 2010   |   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pennsylvania is poised to reap big economic benefits from the push for a national high-speed passenger rail system, according to a study. The Duke University study said Pennsylvania has the second-most rail manufacturing facilities in the U.S., 26 of them, at a time when the industry expects to grow as a high-speed system takes shape.
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Duke study: U.S. positioned to lead hybrid commercial truck industry

June 12, 2009   |   Andrea Fereshteh   |   Duke Today

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