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Director Gary Gereffi, research team leaders and staff present CGGC research findings in conferences and public forums, addressing topics such as international development, the global knowledge economy, clean energy, and U.S. competitiveness. CGGC and its partners also sponsor such events, drawing on scholars and researchers from around the globe.

2008 Events

Global Services Offshoring: Trends and Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

November 18, 2008  |  Santiago, Chile
CGGC Director Gary Gereffi gives the keynote address at the ECLAC (English acronym for United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America) Seminar: “Offshore Corporate Services in Latin America and the Caribbean.”
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Duke-VIU 2008 International Summer Research Workshop

July 13-18, 2008  |  Venice  |  Venice International University
Duke University's Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC), together with Venice International University's Center for Studies on Technologies in Distributed Intelligence Systems (TeDIS), are pleased to announce the expansion of their ongoing collaboration by developing a new International Summer Research Workshop.
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Technological Innovation and Economic Gain in Global Production Networks: A Strategic Development Perspective

March 6-7, 2008  |  Mexico City, Mexico  |   El Colegio de México and La Universidad Nacional Autónoma
CGGC Director Gary Gereffi takes part in two different conference panels dealing with the appropriation of gain within global production networks.
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Global Value Chains, Industrial Upgrading and Jobs in Large Emerging Economies: A Comparison of China, India, and Mexico

February 21, 2008  |  Washington, D.C.  |  USAID Microenterprise Development Office Breakfast Seminar Series
Dr. Gary Gereffi presented “Global Value Chains, Industrial Upgrading and Jobs in Large Emerging Economies: A Comparison of China, India, and Mexico." The seminar was the 28th installment of the Linking Small Firms to Competitiveness Strategies Breakfast Seminar Series sponsored by the USAID Microenterprise Development office.
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Science and Technology from a Global Perspective

Feb 17, 2008  |  Boston, MA  |  Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
This year’s AAAS meeting will emphasize the power of science, technology and education to assist less-developed segments of world society, to improve partnerships among already-developed countries, and to spur knowledge-driven transformations across a host of fields. Center Director Gary Gereffi will join colleagues from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Venice International University in a symposium on Sunday, February 17, entitled, “Global Diffusion of Nanotechnology: Lessons from China, Italy and the United States.”
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Just Supply Chains Workshop - "Monitoring...And Beyond?"

January 11-12, 2008  |  Cambridge, MA  |  MIT
Program on Global Justice, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, MIT.
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The Domestic Technological Content of China's Exports (Lecture)

January 22, 2008  |  Durham, NC  |  Duke University, SSRI, Erwin Mill Bldg, Room A103
Professor Yang Yao, Director of the China Center for Economic Research Peking University, gave a lecture at SSRI on China's exports in January 2008. A link to the background paper for this lecture is provided.
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