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Director Gary Gereffi, research team leaders and staff present CGGC research findings in conferences and public forums, addressing topics such as international development, the global knowledge economy, clean energy, and U.S. competitiveness. CGGC and its partners also sponsor such events, drawing on scholars and researchers from around the globe.

2006 Events

IILS Research Conference: Decent Work, Social Policy and Development

Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2006  |  Geneva, Switzerland  |  ILO Headquarters
A conference of international scholars to discuss the labor issues raised by the rise of global production networks.
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2006 Community College Symposium: The Global Economy

November 15-16, 2006  |  Chapel Hill, NC  |  The Friday Center, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A symposium for community college educators. Dr. Gary Gereffi will speak on "North Carolina and the Global Economy."
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GVC Workshop: Industrial Upgrading, Offshore Production, and Labor

November 9-10, 2006  |  Durham, NC  |  Erwin Mill Building, Duke University
Two-day workshop. Not open to the public.

The Offshoring of Engineering

October 24, 2006  |  Washington, DC  |  National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
This National Academy of Engineering workshop will examine offshoring of engineering and its implications for the U.S. economy, and features presentations by industry and academic engineering leaders, including IEEE-USA President Ralph Wyndrum.
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Duke Campus Club Talk

October 24, 2006  |  Durham, NC  |  Duke Campus Club, Duke University
Dr. Gary Gereffi will present a talk titled "North Carolina in the Global Economy: How to compete with and learn from China, Mexico and Italy in the 21st century."

Celebrating the Synergy between Academia and Industry

September 7-8, 2006  |  East Lansing, MI  |  Michigan State University
An international symposium to explore models for technological upgrading and economic development.

SASE 2006: Constituting Globalisation: Actors, Arenas and Outcomes

June 30 - July 2, 2006  |  Germany  |  IAAEG, University of Trier, Germany
18th Annual Meeting on Socio-Economics.

NCACPA Small Business Forum

June 22, 2006  |  Chapel Hill, NC  |  Sheraton Hotel
Dr. Gary Gereffi will present a talk titled "North Carolina in the Global Economy: New Strategies to Compete in Traditional and Modern Industries"
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Building Business Ties Between North Carolina and Baja California, Mexico

June 5, 2006  |  Raleigh, NC  |  NC State College of Textiles
Learn more about a trip to Tijuana in October 2006, sponsored by Duke and UNC.
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Expand Your Network in China

May 25, 2006  |  Cary, NC
The Raleigh Export Assistance Center has organized an introduction of the AmCham Shanghai to help NC businesses prepare realistic business strategies for doing business in China.

Observing Trade: Revealing International Trade Networks and Their Impacts

March 9, 2006  |  Princeton, NJ
This conference will focus on the analysis and interpretation of trade data and related issues, examining how we conceptualize and measure trade, explore underlying constraints of trade patterns, and investigate certain instructive, specific case studies to illuminate influences on and impacts of trade patterns.

The Fiber-Textile-Apparel Value Chain: Mexico and China Compared

March 6, 2006  |  Naciones Unidas, Mexico
First Forum on "Opportunities in the Economic and Trade Relationship Between China and Mexico in a Latin American Context".
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Local Entrepreneurial Systems in the Global Economy

February 7-17, 2006  |  Venice, Italy
Training program for professionals from Latin America: Participants at a two-week UNIDO training program in Italy on "Local Entrepreneurial Systems in the Global Economy" left the course reassured that Latin American companies operating in local entrepreneural systems still have good prospects for a global role.

VIU-CGGC Global Value Chains Training

February 6-17, 2006
The CGGC, in concert with Venice International University, is planning a joint research and training program, linking VIU's work on Italian industrial districts and the CGGC's work on global value chains.

Global Supply Chains Conference

February 15-16, 2006  |  Ottawa, Canada
This two-day Global Supply Chains Conference examined the growth of global supply chains, their use by Canadian corporations, and their implications for policy development.
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